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December 26, 2006

The New Year is just around the corner!!

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OK. Let’s just say that 2006 sorta, well, sucked. There were a few high points. For example: I took my power back. In the big scheme of things that was HUGE! We’re talking moving mountains huge, sinking the Titanic huge…you get the picture.
So! Now I have this empty calendar looming. A brand spanking new year and a clean slate to boot! This is truly a first for me.
I am starting this year with an entirely new set of rules:
Rule #1: *I* am the boss of me.
Rule #2: This is MY house therefore, I make the rules
Rule #3: I am allowed to add new rules, change old ones. or delete rules as I see fit.
That sounds like a good start don’t you think? Heh! OK. This “being in charge” thing might take a little getting used to – but I feel fairly certain that I’ll be fine in no time at all!

July 15, 2006

Book Review: The Bitch Posse

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I just finished this book! It’s the kind of story that grabs you with both hands and will not let go! This is the first novel for author Maureen O’Connor – and she nailed it!
Summary – tale of 3 women who were best friends in high school (class of 1988) and are now in their Mid-30s and dealing with some choices they made back in the day. There’s mystery, romance, humor…a bit of everything – and just enough nostalgia to get a few songs stuck in your head as you read.

June 13, 2006

Full Plate Saga

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You know that proverbial plate we are all given on which to place our responsibilities?! Well, mine is just about filled to overflowing!! You can almost see smoke coming from my PDA as I add, edit and shuffle appointments. Between 8th Grade “promotion” and 6th Grade “graduation” and 2nd Grade “I feel left out” I barely have enough time to breathe. So, why am I bothering to type this entry? Good question! I have NO idea!
My brain is spinning around so fast it makes me dizzy. Some days I have no appointments (like today) so during the “quiet hours” (translation for those non-parents who read this: that’s when the kids are at school) I can do *my* school work and my work work (paperwork is a neverending uphill battle). Then during the non-quiet hours I field endless cries of “Moooooom!” and requests for my signature on this paper and that permission slip. Surprises are sprung on me from all sides! “I need a dozen sodas for a pot luck – tomrrow!” Uh huh! And you found out about this when?!
Now…I know that one day, when all the hours are quiet ones, I will look back on these times as lively and full of laughter. However, right now I could you a stiff drink and a massage!!

February 27, 2006

Procrastination…it runs in the family.

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OK…so I decided to go “back to school” and get my Bachelor’s degree (BSN to be exact). Luckily for me there is this new fangled way of going to school – online classrooms! Whooppee!! I never have to leave the comfort (and privacy) of my own home! Neat. So far I’ve written an autobiography to introduce myself to my classmates (and read all of theirs), turned in a “Self-assessment” paper based on my learning style and a “Learning Team” project on Critical Thinking in Nursing. FYI, Learning Teams suck – read – everyone gets the same grade – and – in the online environment “participation” is via posting. Ick.
So far I’m doing well – have an ‘A’ in the course. So, today is the last day of week 4 (there are 5 weeks per course) and I had a paper due by 11pm PST on Professional Accountability. Guess when I started writting said paper…no really, guess! Heh! How about 5:00 this afternoon!!!! HA!!! Oh. My. Gawd!!!!! Way to stress myself out!!
If any of you doubts my claim that this trait “runs in my family” I direct your attention to my brother’s blog(“The joy of cooking”) as case-in-point. If I had the time, I could post photos of the office I am writing to you from – an office with boxes, yet unpacked, from our move here 14 months ago. Yes, I am a Procrastinator!! And I’m damn proud of it too!! =)
Why do work today that I can put off until tomorrow (or next month)? Hehehe. Ok, ok, on a more serious note – when I get a wild hair and tackle a task that I have put off for, say, a year….it gets done with a vengence. Nothing can stand in my way once that urge to purge hits me! I think it’s safe to say that that urge isn’t going to hit me today.

December 30, 2005

Another New Year

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Unbelievable! Only (approx) 25.5 hours left in 2005.
Not a stellar year by any account. For some, in fact, 2005 downright SUCKED.
I’ve come to accept two facts: the older I get the faster time passes, and the older I get the smaller the world becomes. I read this somewhere (paraphrasing): When you are a kid the time between Halloween and Christmas seems to last forever – as an adult the time between Christmases seems to be as short as the time between 10/31 and 12/25.
Here’s a little exercise that will make you feel “old”: Think back 10 years – What items do you use on a daily basis that did not even exist (that you were aware of) then? For example: The computer I’m writing this on (laptop). I had a cellphone, but it was for emergencies only – now I use it constantly – more than my landline. My PDA. TiVO. iPod. 2-way text pager. Digital camera. eBay. Mapquest. eMail. Wireless internet. Cable modem. Camera phones.
How about words & phrases we didn’t use 10 years ago? “Google it”, “Text me”, “Waaassuuup?!”, “Word!”, “Whatever!” “Is that your final answer?” “The tribe has spoken” “You are the weakest link…bubbye” “Reality TV” “Landline” “Snail mail” “LOL” “Blog” “Download” – I could go on, but you get the picture.
What will 2006 bring us? Oh the wonders that await!

December 28, 2005

Post Holiday fatigue syndrome

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Man! I don’t know about you…but I am BEAT! This holiday season absolutely wiped me out! I feel like I could sleep for days straight. Unfortunately…work won’t wait “days” for me. Another bummer is that there is a “freeze” on time off right now due to computer training classes at work (as if I need freaking classes on how to work a ‘puter).
I know the stress/fatigue levels are reaching critical levels when I get numbness and tingling in my hands and face – that started Monday. There are new toys to be put away. Rooms to be un-decorated. Home offices to reorganize. Resolutions to be written. To do lists to complete. The list goes on and on. I feel my face tingling again!
That being said…I am going to sleep – who cares if it’s only 9pm?! Not me!

October 18, 2005

“Little Earthquakes”

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I just finished reading Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner this evening. I read it because my friend Donna handed it to me after she finished it and said, “You’re gonna like this one.” She was right – I did!
Considering the fact that my usual reads are filled with unrealistic people doing unrealistic things and, usually, having unrealistic sex, this book took me by surprise. Ms. Weiner tells a very realistic story, with realistic people and events. She touched a chord with me. The cliche: “I laughed, I cried…” fits.
The story revolves around the journey that is “Becoming Mommy”. Many of the scenarios in the book hit home with me. I saw myself and many other women I know in the characters. The reality of motherhood is stark and it can slam you to the pavement if you aren’t paying attention.
One of the main characters is quoted as saying,”This is much harder than I ever thought it would be.” Amen and amen! “They” don’t tell us about everything when we are little girls playing house with our dolls. In fact, they hide the truth from us even as we are welcoming our first child into the world. Reality sets in about a week after we are home alone with our bundle-of-joy. About the point when we haven’t seen the inside of a shower in 3 days, have worn the same pajamas for the same length of time and have slept about 30 mins at a stretch for each of those days. That’s when it hits you – “I can’t do this!!” – but somehow you do.
LIttle Earthquakes is filled with the realities of motherhood and relationships after baby. How your husband’s little habits are amplified and the tiny cracks in your relationship suddenly seem like Grand Canyon sized chasms. Socks on the floor, left-up-toilet seats, and dishes in the sink are mountains, not mole hills. And sleep is the greatest commodity on earth! You’d give your right arm for the chance to sleep and sleep and sleep until your body says “OK, that’s better.”
Ms. Weiner does a fabulous job of telling the truth and making you realize you are not alone. A wonderful, warm story of 4 women and their journey to becoming mommies. Enjoy.

October 16, 2005

The Outlander Series

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OK…let’s get this started with a “review” of the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon!!
Outlander is the first of the series, followed by Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn, and The Fiery Cross. The next installment in the series, Breath of Snow and Ashes is newly published and in stores now and, incidentally, at the top of my “must read” list!
Basically this is a time travel/historical romance series. Both genres are favorites of mine! The heroine is Claire Beauchamp Fraser and the hero is Jamie Fraser, a Scottish Laird. The novels, which are long, averagine over 1000 pages each, chronicle their lives, their love and their tragedies. The journey begins prior to the Battle of Culloden, a major turning point in Scottish history and follows our heroes into Colonial America (and probably beyond – I haven’t finished Fiery Cross).
I originally began this series based on the recommendation of a classmate during nursing school. The heroine is a nurse and there are many references to ancient remedies and treatments that are facinating to me as a nurse. It has been quite a journey.
My historical knowlege has been expanded – even though I’ve had to look up a ton of stuff to get the whole story. I have even learned about my own family’s heritage (we have Scot’s blood in us) and even about some of the traditions my family loves (did you know the Bar-B-Que North Carolina is famous for has its roots in the Scottish Highlands?!?!).
Bottomline – I highly recommend this series! I’ve read nearly 5,000 pages and can’t wait to read more!

New Feature

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The almighty Miguelito himself has helped me to add “Currently Reading” and “other books” to my blog!
Check it out! My intention (as in, don’t hold your breath) is to post reviews of the books I am reading/have read. Clicking on the book will link you to it’s page.
Happy reading!

August 27, 2005

Lazy Saturday in August

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It’s HOT! (89 degrees indoors)
My favorite website is down!! I’ve been sitting her with the fans on – directly on me…trying to keep cool and playing Yahoo! Games…all day long!! Pathetic!
The kids can’t seem to find anything to do either. They’ve become blobs in the heat. The TVs were on, but I told them to turn ’em off. “Go outside,” I said, “it’s cooler out there.” “AW MOOOOOOM!” was their collective reply. Eventually they did all find *something* to do.
The youngest got very busy – and very quiet. For those of you who do not have small children, quiet child = they are doing something bad/wrong/dangerous. I discovered my beloved 7 year-old making “frozen stuff”. Let me clarify…he was freezing wet papertowels, paper cups of ice, and waterballoons. *SIGH* His sister, apparently had shown him how to make the waterballoons to freeze. These “activities” explained the small puddles of water throughout the house.
The middle kid (and his buddy who’d spent the night) went “outside”. It turns out, however, that they had gone out to the garage and turned on the TV in there…hahaha they fooled me! NOT!
Oldest kid was MISERABLE. She recently lost “all privileges”: TV, phone, computer, etc. Long story short – no lies, no picking fights, no sneaking “forbidden” things up to your room. Homey don’t play dat! She was bored to tears today. One would think that this would leave a lasting impression on her young mind. I’m not holding my breath.
To make a hot day even hotter – our central heating unit decided to kick on and blow air?!?! The thermostat reads “89” as the indoor temp. The heater is on hold and the low temp for the heat to kick on is set at “62”. I have NO IDEA why the dang thing was running, but it was. We finally unplugged the darn thing! I just pray this doesn’t mean it’s busted – cuz that would suck!
I did have one “must do” on my agenda today – close out my payroll. Every other Friday is payday and the opposite Fridays are “payroll approval” days. We have to approve it and close it out by midnight Sunday according to the employee handbook, but the manager wants it done by Saturday at the latest. Fine. We enter our times every night via telephone entry. I checked the totals…an entire day was missing!!! Grrrrr! Luckily it was easy to figure out which day and re-enter it (I had already entered the darn thing – but whatever!). This is precisely why I keep a copy of my time sheets!! It would suck to be shorted moola because the stewpid computer messed up!
This being said…I GUARANTEE someone will not do their payroll check and we will all be lectured on the importance of being a responsible adult on Tuesday in our weekly meeting. As far a I am concerned, considering we ARE all adults, if someone doesn’t do it – screw ’em – they won’t get paid. How many times do you think they’ll forget before they get the idea?!

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