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February 27, 2006

Procrastination…it runs in the family.

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OK…so I decided to go “back to school” and get my Bachelor’s degree (BSN to be exact). Luckily for me there is this new fangled way of going to school – online classrooms! Whooppee!! I never have to leave the comfort (and privacy) of my own home! Neat. So far I’ve written an autobiography to introduce myself to my classmates (and read all of theirs), turned in a “Self-assessment” paper based on my learning style and a “Learning Team” project on Critical Thinking in Nursing. FYI, Learning Teams suck – read – everyone gets the same grade – and – in the online environment “participation” is via posting. Ick.
So far I’m doing well – have an ‘A’ in the course. So, today is the last day of week 4 (there are 5 weeks per course) and I had a paper due by 11pm PST on Professional Accountability. Guess when I started writting said paper…no really, guess! Heh! How about 5:00 this afternoon!!!! HA!!! Oh. My. Gawd!!!!! Way to stress myself out!!
If any of you doubts my claim that this trait “runs in my family” I direct your attention to my brother’s blog(“The joy of cooking”) as case-in-point. If I had the time, I could post photos of the office I am writing to you from – an office with boxes, yet unpacked, from our move here 14 months ago. Yes, I am a Procrastinator!! And I’m damn proud of it too!! =)
Why do work today that I can put off until tomorrow (or next month)? Hehehe. Ok, ok, on a more serious note – when I get a wild hair and tackle a task that I have put off for, say, a year….it gets done with a vengence. Nothing can stand in my way once that urge to purge hits me! I think it’s safe to say that that urge isn’t going to hit me today.

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