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June 13, 2006

Full Plate Saga

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You know that proverbial plate we are all given on which to place our responsibilities?! Well, mine is just about filled to overflowing!! You can almost see smoke coming from my PDA as I add, edit and shuffle appointments. Between 8th Grade “promotion” and 6th Grade “graduation” and 2nd Grade “I feel left out” I barely have enough time to breathe. So, why am I bothering to type this entry? Good question! I have NO idea!
My brain is spinning around so fast it makes me dizzy. Some days I have no appointments (like today) so during the “quiet hours” (translation for those non-parents who read this: that’s when the kids are at school) I can do *my* school work and my work work (paperwork is a neverending uphill battle). Then during the non-quiet hours I field endless cries of “Moooooom!” and requests for my signature on this paper and that permission slip. Surprises are sprung on me from all sides! “I need a dozen sodas for a pot luck – tomrrow!” Uh huh! And you found out about this when?!
Now…I know that one day, when all the hours are quiet ones, I will look back on these times as lively and full of laughter. However, right now I could you a stiff drink and a massage!!

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