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October 18, 2005

“Little Earthquakes”

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I just finished reading Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner this evening. I read it because my friend Donna handed it to me after she finished it and said, “You’re gonna like this one.” She was right – I did!
Considering the fact that my usual reads are filled with unrealistic people doing unrealistic things and, usually, having unrealistic sex, this book took me by surprise. Ms. Weiner tells a very realistic story, with realistic people and events. She touched a chord with me. The cliche: “I laughed, I cried…” fits.
The story revolves around the journey that is “Becoming Mommy”. Many of the scenarios in the book hit home with me. I saw myself and many other women I know in the characters. The reality of motherhood is stark and it can slam you to the pavement if you aren’t paying attention.
One of the main characters is quoted as saying,”This is much harder than I ever thought it would be.” Amen and amen! “They” don’t tell us about everything when we are little girls playing house with our dolls. In fact, they hide the truth from us even as we are welcoming our first child into the world. Reality sets in about a week after we are home alone with our bundle-of-joy. About the point when we haven’t seen the inside of a shower in 3 days, have worn the same pajamas for the same length of time and have slept about 30 mins at a stretch for each of those days. That’s when it hits you – “I can’t do this!!” – but somehow you do.
LIttle Earthquakes is filled with the realities of motherhood and relationships after baby. How your husband’s little habits are amplified and the tiny cracks in your relationship suddenly seem like Grand Canyon sized chasms. Socks on the floor, left-up-toilet seats, and dishes in the sink are mountains, not mole hills. And sleep is the greatest commodity on earth! You’d give your right arm for the chance to sleep and sleep and sleep until your body says “OK, that’s better.”
Ms. Weiner does a fabulous job of telling the truth and making you realize you are not alone. A wonderful, warm story of 4 women and their journey to becoming mommies. Enjoy.

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