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December 26, 2006

The New Year is just around the corner!!

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OK. Let’s just say that 2006 sorta, well, sucked. There were a few high points. For example: I took my power back. In the big scheme of things that was HUGE! We’re talking moving mountains huge, sinking the Titanic huge…you get the picture.
So! Now I have this empty calendar looming. A brand spanking new year and a clean slate to boot! This is truly a first for me.
I am starting this year with an entirely new set of rules:
Rule #1: *I* am the boss of me.
Rule #2: This is MY house therefore, I make the rules
Rule #3: I am allowed to add new rules, change old ones. or delete rules as I see fit.
That sounds like a good start don’t you think? Heh! OK. This “being in charge” thing might take a little getting used to – but I feel fairly certain that I’ll be fine in no time at all!

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