My new wireless security setup

So I spent some time this weekend and setup my new wireless security system. I rid my setup of WEP.. everyone knows that WEP is basically a joke, it’s trivial to crack into a system that only uses WEP. My WAP is now setup with a crossover cable to it’s own NIC in my server/gateway […]

Some companies do have a sense of humor

I just love Apple sometimes, they do some great ads from time to time. This, on their current homepage, is just classic:

More silly net quiz results..

How dumb are you? How DUMB are you? Brought to you by the good folks at Ha ha… Which less known Simpsons character are you? What lesser-known Simpsons character are you? Brought to you by the good folks at Yeah, I can see that.

Well here’s a goofy test…

Yet another “Which character/OS/whatever are you…” test.. This one was Fantasy/SciFi Character.. I’m Wesley Crusher. heh Kind of ironic considering I read ol’ Wil’s blog fairly regularly… Update: Duh, I forgot the text of what being Wesley means… A brilliant learner with a knack for almost everything, you choose to spend your efforts in the […]

…and we’re back.

So my little upgrade/maintenance plan for this weekend turned into almost the entire weekend. Aftering putting my new drives into my server, and getting serveral hours into working on it, I found that one of the two new drives I just purchased is bad. I was even seeing issues with my bios settings being reset […]