Gentoo rocks..

[ Viewing: “Babylon 5 – The Complete Fourth Season” (Tony Dow) ] The more I use gentoo, the more I like it. I’ve yet to run into a single failed build, no dependency loops, nothing. I really like the little things too. The latest little thing I like… when running an emerge, the process automatically […]

We are Grey. We stand between the darkness and the light.

[ Viewing: “Babylon 5 – The Complete Fourth Season” (Tony Dow) ] Yeah, I’ve been running through B5 again, and have it on the brain.. watching season 4 now… but… I finally had a chance to take a real crack at installing Grey-Listing on our colo box (which also serves as MX for several of […]

An actual positive experience with the IRS!

[ Viewing: “Star Trek Voyager – The Complete Seventh Season” (Jonathan Frakes, Anson Williams) ] Yes, you read that right, I actually had a positive experience with the IRS. So in effect, this is almost an anti-rant… A couple weeks ago I received a form from the IRS informing me that my 2004 taxes had […]