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Finally April 11, 2008 at 9:07 pm

Only took them a month.. but my 360 finally showed back up last Friday.  They never bothered to even send an email letting me know it had shipped so I could be there to sign for it… luckily they left it with my neighbor who called me (first time he ever did.. at first I was worried my house was on fire or something until he said he had a package).   Sadly… either swapping out a DVD drive is far too difficult for MS techs or something on the mobo itself was failing (maybe the sata controller) because they sent me a replacement unit.  Why that took 4 weeks to do is beyond me.

However it seems to be running fine.  I have to at least give them credit for getting me back a working unit.  There have been plenty of stories out there about people sending in broken 360s that come back and are DOA.

The HD battle.. and why I would rather see Blu-Ray win December 17, 2007 at 8:58 pm

For those who don’t know.. or just haven’t paid attention, there’s a battle going on in the marketplace right now about which format should replace the current DVD one.. the 2 competing formats are HD-DVD and Blu-Ray (HD and BD from here on out).  If you really want more info, I suggest  this page at Wikipedia as a good starting point. They have a few pages there, with a really good chart comparing HD and BD with DVD for added info. You’ll note from the linked page that there are a few other competing ideas too, and there’s downloads, but these are the 2 big dogs. I pretty much discount downloads for Hi-Def content anyway, as the data sizes for storage and the required download times just won’t really work… today.


Yes I am a gadget junkie… October 7, 2007 at 8:46 pm

So I was able to wait a few weeks,but I finally. Caved and got an iPod touch. I got an 8 gig model vs a 16gig one, mostly because no one had any 16gig models in stock but also because the difference isn’t enough to make a big difference at these sizes. I would wait if there were known plans for a hard disk model or maybe even 40+gig but for now 8 is plenty to play with. Plus I wanted the video and wifi more than Massive storage. It easily holds my main playlist and another of some albums I like more. Plus several videos, plenty of photos, my contacts and calendar too.

The video quality is amazing, and the screen is surprising big for how small the whole thing is. The web browsing is pretty cool too; in fact, I’m posting this from it now. Typing I’d obviously slower than with a fullsize keyboard but it’s pretty good and relatively fast.

If you’ve been thinking about getting one and don’t need to carry your whole iTunes library with you, it’s worth it.

On, lack of 3rd party apps and any games yet kinda limiting,but I’m sure that’ll change fairly soon. …and yes I’m aware of some hacking to get apps, but I’m tired of dealing with hacks on stuff like this and the firmware and iTunes updates tend to break the hacks fairly quickly.