I was twice smoted by the poker gods…

[ Music: Hunger from the album “Black Hawk Down” by Hans Zimmer ] So I played in 2 Hold’em tournaments over the long holiday weekend, one on Friday, and the usual Sunday game. The Friday game was a $35 buy in, $3k in chips, no rebuys or add-ons. Friday’s game I played pretty well, building […]

Never thought I’d see it happen in person…

[ Music: Get ‘Em Up from the album “Bunkka” by Paul Oakenfold ] but I did. Had stopped to gas up on my way home from Sycuan on Sunday, and as I was paying at the atm interface on the island, I heard this loud metal “Ka-CHUNK” behind me, that sounded like a nozzle hitting […]

Patch to Wuff’s Movie DB to track borrowers

[ Music: Disappearing World from the album “Life In Slow Motion” by David Gray ] I coded this ages ago, but noticed a few queries for it in the feature request page for WMDB. So here’s a quick bit on it.. Fairly simple, adds a borrowers bit similar to type, language, etc. Can do simple […]


And I wasn’t sure about 3 or so. You Passed the US Citizenship Test Congratulations – you got 10 out of 10 correct! Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test? But still, yes I did pay attention in school.