What book are you?

Now here’s someone really stretching to find a thing to base a quiz on… oh well, I did it anyway. 🙂 You’re Jurassic Park! by Michael Crichton You combine all the elements of a mad scientist, a brash philosopher, a humble researcher, and a money-hungry attracter of tourists. With all these features, you could build […]

Wow.. it’s been a year already

So today makes 1 year to the day that I gave up drinking sodas. Now this might not sound like much, but those who know me know that I used to drink a ton of soda. I drank nothing but diet sodas because that’s what I was used to. In my experience, soda, much like […]

Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary…

…of the day I got Summer from the Humane Society. She’s been a great dog and in 2 years I think we’ve missed a total of 20 days worth of walks… she keeps me from falling out of that habit.