Read in a sig file in horde/imp

[ Listening: Gina Escapes from the album “Battlestar Galactica: Season 2” by Bear McCreary ] I’ve had a cron job that randomly updates my .signature file on my unix systems every 5 minutes for years now and I really wanted to have the same kind of random signatures in IMP as well. So I made […]

Um.. ouch.

For those that don’t know me.. I did some serious work on the house in July. I had a complete central air (heat and A/C) installed (which included pulling out the crappy old wall heaters, new furnace/blower, AC, ducting, the works). Then, 2 weeks later, I had my cheesy old thin, aluminum windows replaced with […]

Damn.. that’s a lot of data.

For those that don’t know.. I finally broke down and bought an Xbox360 a couple weeks ago. For an MS product, they did a lot of things right. The ability to turn the unit on and off via the wireless controllers alone is rather cool. The tie-in to xbox live is very nice too: Buy […]