Damn.. that’s a lot of data. August 6, 2006 at 1:44 pm

For those that don’t know.. I finally broke down and bought an Xbox360 a couple weeks ago. For an MS product, they did a lot of things right. The ability to turn the unit on and off via the wireless controllers alone is rather cool. The tie-in to xbox live is very nice too: Buy some smaller games on the cheap (Uno is loads of fun.. yes Uno, the classic card game), you can buy add-ons/themes/etc, and the achievement system for 360 games is neat.

They also use the same live marketplace system to allow downloads of movies and demos of upcoming games which is nice. I already pre-ordered a copy of Dead Rising
but saw that they’d put up a demo for it so figured I’d snag it, along with the demo for Saints Row (a GTA clone coming out).

Then I noticed the size of the demos and took a crappy pic:

Damn those are huge.. we’re talking just under 1Gig per demo average. I knew when buying the unit that the 20gig disk wasn’t really big enough to last. Of course that’s 20 HDD manufacturer gigs too, which really means about 18-1/2 Gig. Remeber boys and girls.. the manufacturers like to say that 20 billion bytes is a gig, but computers do math in base 2 vs base 10 so take your drive size and divide by (2^30) for gigs to get the real size.. not to mention there’s a little overhead from the filesystem.

Anyway, we’ll see how the demos are, but man I hope there’s a way to put in a larger laptop harddrive sometime soon.

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