I was twice smoted by the poker gods… November 29, 2005 at 12:50 pm

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So I played in 2 Hold’em tournaments over the long holiday weekend, one on Friday, and the usual Sunday game. The Friday game was a $35 buy in, $3k in chips, no rebuys or add-ons.

Friday’s game I played pretty well, building up to about $15k in chips. It was a large tournament, something like 35 tables.. payouts were fairly high, 1st was going to get $2500 and 2nd $1500 IIRC. Not too shabby. Anyway, I got knocked out just under 1/2 way and was annoyed at the hand that lost it for me…

I had K10s and was sb. Noone raised, and I called. Flop was A73s so I flopped the winning flush. I put in $800 (blinds were $400/$800 at this point) and everyone folded but one other guy, and I’m thinking he’s got the queen flush, which would be great for me. The turn comes out 5h. I check and he goes all in… so I call all in (thinking I’ve suckered him in). I turn up my hand and everyone “ooooh”s.. then he turns up a 3/5 off suite. I’m favored 92% I believe.. then the river comes out.. 5c! He hits his full house and knocks me out.. damnit.

Sunday’s tournament is similar. I was playing even better, and was up to $25k in chips or so, after rebuying 2x during the start, so horrible start but now doing very well. Blinds are up to $2k/$4k and I get J8d. A few call, noone raises. Flop is JJ7. I’ve got a set. The first to act goes in for $17.5k, everyone folds and I figure he’s got a jack too, but what the hell. He even says (after I call) “oh, you’ve got the jack, don’t you?” And I did.. he flips up AA. The turn comes out… Ace! Damnit.. he’s hit his set too, and it’s better then mine. River is something lime like a 3.. so I’m again knocked out with a pretty strong hand. Damnit. Well, actually, I had $7k left, but at that point I was basically out.. had to go all in with next decent cards as blind came around to me and I lost.

Will have to see how I do this coming weekend. I’m definitely getting better, learning to read people more and knock out people with only medium strength hands by betting properly. All in all, even when I lose I have fun so it’s worth it.

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