Finally April 11, 2008 at 9:07 pm

Only took them a month.. but my 360 finally showed back up last Friday.  They never bothered to even send an email letting me know it had shipped so I could be there to sign for it… luckily they left it with my neighbor who called me (first time he ever did.. at first I was worried my house was on fire or something until he said he had a package).   Sadly… either swapping out a DVD drive is far too difficult for MS techs or something on the mobo itself was failing (maybe the sata controller) because they sent me a replacement unit.  Why that took 4 weeks to do is beyond me.

However it seems to be running fine.  I have to at least give them credit for getting me back a working unit.  There have been plenty of stories out there about people sending in broken 360s that come back and are DOA.

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