Morons… March 22, 2003 at 9:28 am

This and this are just signs of complete sutpidity. I’ve got a few points for these protesters:
– While you have the right to protest, this is going over the line.. you do not have the right to block streets, vandalize, etc.
– These actions are not going to win people over to your point of view, you fucking twits. On the contrary, you’re likely to piss of people, and probably push a few that were on the fence onto the other side.
– I hope the cities you’re doing these things in charge you for the emergency services you tied up due to these moronic acts (like the Firemen who had to cut the pipes so the people handcuffed to it could be arressted).

Here are some gems from the articles:

“We don’t want to alienate people. I hope people realize that political murder merits action that inconveniences them,”

Hey.. guess what? That’s all you’re doing.. alienating people. Stupid!

“You suck,” yelled Larry Chu, stuck in his car outside the Transamerica Pyramid. “Why don’t you all go to North Korea and do this?”

I’m with you Mr. Chu. I’d have leaned on my horn and shouted at these people non-stop if I’d been stuck because of idiots like this.

“Now, at a time of war, these people out here protesting are behaving like traitors,” said Russian immigrant Alexander Gosen. He spent the morning at Franklin and Fell streets waving a sign reading “Viva Bush” on one side and “Go to hell, peaceniks” on the other. “They should all be arrested. They don’t know what it’s like to live under a tyrant.”

I find it sadly ironic that it takes someone who immigrated here to say something like this that I think makes a damn good point.

A band calling itself “Pukers for Peace” vomited on the steps of the Federal Building.

We’ll see how smug they feel if they keep that up and burn a hole in their esophagus. Yes.. you can do that.. look it up.

“This is a great education for our kids,” he said as he explained the protests to his 9-year-old son, Brandon. “It’s like we’re watching the news as it happens. There’s nothing like this in Phoenix.”

Yep, must be one hell of a lesson on how San Francisco is full of a bunch of loonies.

At leasthere’s we have some examples of sanity. Police acted swiftly to block loonie protesters from obstructing people this time. There are a few gems in this one too…

“They are definitely more aggressive today,” complained Van Jones, an attorney with the group Bay Area PoliceWatch. “They gave us inadequate time to disperse, and they violated their own department’s policy.”

Uh heh… “boo hoo.. they wouldn’t let us screw around with traffic and businesses today.. *sniff*” Idiot. They were doing their jobs, which plenty of people (including the mayor, who’s against the way himself) asked them to do. There’s no law that says you get x amount of time to screw with others before you’re told to stop. This from a fricking lawyer!

“I feel like they’re tactically keeping us from peaceful assembly,” said Chantal Kovash, an elementary-school teacher from Marin.

Newsflash: Blocking traffic, building entrances, etc.. is not a legal “peaceful assembly” you twit. Note for those that wonder why so many people think the public school system is becoming an indoctrination to liberalism.. here’s a good example. She’s a school teacher!

Police Sgt. Felix Bilbao, working the Bechtel protest, shook his head emphatically when asked if he had urged his men to move faster on the crowds Friday. “I don’t think there’s anything different about what we’re doing today,” he said, as a bus full of arrested protesters was taken away. “Our job is to clear the street, and that’s what we did.”

Right on.. some people appreciate this. I hope they know this.

We’ll see what other stupid things the loonies do as this goes on. And before anyone thinks I’m equating being against the war as being a loonie.. I’m not. I can respect thinking the war is wrong, and I can respect you protesting it if you feel that way. But the people in these articles were not peacefully protesting, they were vandalizing and being public nuisances. There’s a difference.

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