Double Standards July 28, 2003 at 7:56 pm

Oh, I see.. it’s perfectly ok to discriminate… as long as it’s in a Politically Correct way of course.

The double standard that’s so alive and well in today’s world really pisses me off. I’m all for equality, but there’re too many groups today that want equality… but still want to have extra special rights due to being different at the same time. This school is a perfect example… gay people are always asking to be equal, have rights for same sex marriage and the benefits of marriage.. but still have the right for special treatment like this school. I’m all for the equlity bits (not sure how I feel about the marriage though), but let’s make equal actually mean equal, ok?

Just as every spring for the last few years there seem to be news articles about students at high schools having seperate proms. Whenever a minority group does this, it’s applauded and seen as “celebrating their culture” or some other PC reason. But if a group that’s at all caucasian tries to have a private dance/prom.. it’s immediately scorned and called racist. Hello?!? Either they’re both racist, or neither is… let’s have a little consistency.

Note (7/29/03 9:30): To clarify about the school in NY, it’s not the school itself that I have as much of a problem with as the fact that it’s being done with public funds. I do still think this “self segregation” is pretty stupid though… especially when the aim is supposedly for equality. However, if people want a school that’s exclusive for a group? Then do it privately, like parochial schools. I love that so many people are against vouchers because it might mean public funds going to a religious school… but discriminating using public funds this way is ok… uh huh. That makes perfect sense…

Update (7/29 11:30): Don’t know how I did it, but I’d copied the wrong URL the first time.. it’s fixed now.

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  1. Very well put.


  2. There was a stink when a publically-funded gay parade had the funding pulled. A good idea, I thought, since it was my money being used.

    However, isn’t the gay demographic supposedly rolling in vast sums of disposable income? Shouldn’t the mighty pink dollar be able to bankroll their parade?

    Anyway, old topic, old news, the world still spins.

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