Yet again, MS doesn’t get it… January 29, 2004 at 2:28 pm

Here’s an interesting blog entry from MS’ own Robert Scoble, their “technical evangelist” for Longhorn (next version of windows). His whole argument seems to boil down to “Pick our proprietary music codec (with DRM lockin) over theirs.” Other then that, he really doesn’t give any decent reason to pick a WMA capable player over an iPod.

Oh, and his mention of the windows media center stuff on your TV… bah! Barely anyone has actually bought those, while Tivo’s ReplayTVs and even the linux free-software MythTV are being used by far more people everyday.

Me? I’m doing my best to ignore both DRM formats (bought 2 albums off iTunes store and already am somewhat disappointed as I can’t play on my home stereo via my audiotrons). I’ll stick to mp3, which is supported by EVERY digital music player, thank you.

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