The killing fields .. uh, yard. May 20, 2005 at 12:52 pm

It’s that time of the year again; the days are getting long, flowers are blooming, weather is getting warmer.. and [Summer] is killing birds.

I can’t really blame her.. I mean, she is a bird dog afterall. I just feel sorry for the poor sparrow chicks that she snags. My front yard is the exact worse mix for the birds. Plenty of trees and bushes for them to setup nests in.. unfortunately, when the chicks are just learning to fly, right about now… if they fall into our yard, Summer thinks they’re fair game. I don’t think she means to kill them either, I think she thinks they’re playing with her. She kind of stalks them, but then picks them up and when they move in her mouth she spits them right out. When they try to hop away, she gets really playful and barks jumping around and following them. Unfortunately, she’s not exactly gentle with them, and ends up hurting them, usually killing them.

She already killed 2 birds Wednesday night, and almost got another right when we got back from our morning walk yesterday, but I rescued that one. What was kind of funny about that was that I got the chick out of the yard and it was hopping away, chirping for it’s parents, but the parents were so busy sqwaking at Summer and me, that I don’t know if they ever heard the chick and helped it.. last I saw it was all the way across the street and getting farther away.

Oh well… hopefully she doesn’t get too many this year.

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