The Joy of Cooking…. January 29, 2006 at 9:30 pm

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Woohoo! I finally have a working oven again. Bought my new Smooth top oven a good 9 months ago, if not more. Bought the new fridge, and washer and dryer at the same time. It was a switch from gas to electric (I wanted the smooth top for easy cleaning.. cooking with gas is nice but cleaning the thing sucked) and there was no line to use there.

My parents paid (thanks again guys) to have it hooked up finally. So I had to cook a little something just to break it in.. just made something easy.. eggs.

For those wondering why it took me so long to get it hooked up… I tend to let things, shall we say, sit undone. Just a bit of a procrastinator if it’s not obvious. Anyway, the same guys that hooked it up today were going to do it awhile ago, but I had started to talk to people about getting central heat and A/C installed and figured as long as I was going to have that electrical work done, I’d have them do it all in one shot… then that fell through. So they decided to use my birthday to get someone out to finally just do the work. So I’m up and running… now I can more healthy stuff again.

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