What’s the deal with the Bandwidth theft pic? April 2, 2006 at 3:29 pm

For those that found their way here due to seeing the bandwidth theft pic…

I’ve put into place rules which will stop people form hotlinking into images on my site. Well, it’ll let them do it, but they’ll have the following image displayed instead:

The reason I’ve done this is because I’ve got several sites linking my images and leeching my bandwidth.. and want them to stop. If you wonder what I’m talking about, Here’s a pretty good explanation of what it means and why it’s basically rude to do so.

If I have an image you want to link to, just copy it and serve it off your site yourself. If it’s from my actual photo albums.. I ask that you ask first, but odds are I won’t care.

If you read a site that you’re seeing the pic on.. mail the owner and ask them to place a copy of the real pic in their own site to serve up from there.

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