SAFE my ass… October 29, 2006 at 5:12 pm

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Returning home this past Wednesday night (Oct 25th) I almost had an accident. I took the ramp from the 52 east to the I-15 south, and there was a lot of traffic ahead, so I got onto the Balboa Ave ramp to avoid it by taking Ruffin Rd. down to Aero Dr. Just after getting into the Balboa ramp, some idiot in a pickup truck cut over without warning, and I had to slam on my brakes (thankfully I have anti-lock breaks). Said idiot then proceeds to pass 10 or so cars, then dangerously cuts back into the lane of traffic again. So aside from 2 dangerous lane changes, we have illegal passing on the right (on top of that, I believe it’s also illegal to use an exit lane to pass someone).

The real kicker… it was one of these trucks:

Fsp Truck-1
Click here for info on the program.. sorry pic is so small, but that’s all I saw on the site.

Notice the nice large printing of SAFE standing for some program on the blue depiction of San Diego county.

Clearly they don’t screen drivers worth a damn for that program.

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