Get string from phone for iSync November 13, 2006 at 10:21 am

Apparently the software update for the Sprint V3m last week changd the string the phone sends, and so my previous post didn’t work for everyone. In fact, I tried re-doing my steps again to make sure, and found I couldn’t add back my own phone anymore because I’d updated the software (so if it was added to iSync before the update, iSync continued to work even with the updated string).

For those that haven’t seen, the new string is:
<string>Motorola CE, Copyright 2000+Motorola V3m-Sprint Phone</string>

I wrote up a quick shell script that will help you get the string from any V3* razr now (and change the grep for v3 to anything else, like k1 to get other model’s strings).

Script is For those not all that unix/Terminal savy.. save to your home directory, open a terminal, run:
chmod +x ./

I used sudo to do the few things that require root access, so just type in your password and it should work as is… it’ll pause and tell you to open iSync and try to add the phone, after you get the “iSync does not support his phone” hit return in the terminal, and it’ll print out what the string should likely be. it’ll also print out the raw data that you can share with me or others out there if the <string> bit doesn’t work.

For the REALLY poor terminal people.. you can update the file with the following steps:
(Note that \n means hit return)
1. Save the MetaClasses.plist file with the proper string in your homedir as MetaClasses.plist
2. run: vim /Applications/
3. Press the ‘j’ key 3 times and the cursor should be on the first <dict> in the file…
4. Press the ‘o’ key and you should see “– INSERT –” on the bottom of the terminal.
5. Press the ‘esc’ key and the “– INSERT –” should go away.
6. Press the following keys in order: :set noai\n
7. Press the following keys in order: :r /Users/<your username>/MetaClasses.plist
You should now see the updated V3m part added to the file.
8. Press the following keys in order: :wq\n
The file should now have saved and quit.

In #7 above, replace <your username> with your username on the mac… if you’re not sure what it is, on the terminal command line, type id and hit return.. it’ll show your name.. mine is mmarion, id for me shows:
uid=501(mmarion) gid=501(mmarion) groups=501(mmarion), 81(appserveradm), 79(appserverusr), 80(admin)

You might need to reboot now (or try killing the SyncServer process if you know how).. open iSync again and try adding the phone again.

Update (11/16/2006 2:32PM): Oops.. guess I can’t link inside comments… here’s the file for people.

Update (9/27/2008): Anyone that asked about the script with Leopard… download the script again ( and give it another shot. Unfortunately I can’t really test it because I have completely downed the Apple Kool-aid and got an iPhone 3G a month or so ago.. and can’t find the RAZR.. I know it’s still around here somewhere, but I’m not sure where. :-/ If it doesn’t work, Mail me the /tmp/blued.trace file the script outputs and I’ll see if I can get how it’s dumping the info from dtruss. It should be in there.. just might be different.

Update (minutes after last): Apparently Apple supports the V3m now so the above is likely unecessary anymore.

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  1. I revently bought a SLVR for sprint and am trying to follow your work but i cant seem to get it to work for me.  Can you please help me get this to work for my phone.

  2. Do me a favor… grab and run it… and post the results. Should look like:

    manzana:~ mmarion$ ./
    Open iSync and try add devices... Press Return after it fails...
    Try string entry:
    <string>Motorola CE, Copyright 2000+Motorola V3m-Sprint Phone</string>
    If that's more then one line... the raw data is:
    +GMI: Motorola CE, Copyright 2000
    +GMM: Motorola V3m-Sprint Phone

    Then we can build a MetaClasses.plist file to try.

    include <pre> </pre> tags around the output you post so that it line wraps and such properly.

  3. There dosnt seem to be a file linked to your can you try and repost it.

  4. hey… after making the changes here, now the iSync error is different for me. Now it claims that it can not communicate rather than not supported. Have you seen this before? I will need all the help I can get. Thanks

  5. Jose, yeah I’ve seen that. Click the bluetooth icon in your menubar on the mac (go into system prefs->bluetooth and check the “Show bluetooth status in menu bar” in settings if not there).. goto “browse device” and initiate a connection to the phone.

    Then exit that app and try iSync again. I’ve found that sometimes after sleeping or rebooting iSync can’t see the phone until after I browse it first.

  6. Here are the results that i got

    Motorola CE, Copyright 2000+Motorola SLV-L7c Phone

    If that’s more then one line… the raw data is:
    +GMI: Motorola CE, Copyright 2000
    +GMM: Motorola SLV-L7c Phone

    Hopefully we can get a file that will help this phone work.

  7. I finally got it to work with my SLVR, pretty pumped up about it.
    Thanks for all the help.

  8. My usage was a little different, I’m using my Sprint RAZR to access the internet rather than for iSync. I frequently ran into a problem where I would get an error upon attempting to initiate a dial-up session using Internet Connect:

    "A bluetooth serial failure has occurred.
    Failed to open RFCOMM serial channel"

    The problem has been intermittent, but it appears that I’ve gotten it licked now. When making MetaClasses.plist changes, I HIGHLY recommend:

    1. make a backup copy of the file
    2. deleting the entry for your device (if present) in Bluetooth Preferences
    3. deleting the entry for your mac in your device’s device history
    4. making the MetaClasses.plist changes
    6. adding your device again via the Bluetooth Set Up a New Device wizard

    The intermittent problems I was experiencing seemed to go away once I followed all these steps consistently. YMMV

    Incidentally my GMM string was a little different than the ones I’ve seen posted but if you add all the following to your <array> you may have some luck (you can have more than one entry):

    <string>Motorola CE, Copyright 2000+Motorola V3m-Sprint Phone</string>
    <string>Motorola CE, Copyright 2000+Motorola CDMA V3c Rev2 Phone</string>
    <string>Motorola CE, Copyright 2000+Motorola NC-V3m Phone</string>
    <string>"Motorola CE, Copyright 2004"+V3m</string>
    <string>"Motorola CE, Copyright 2000"+V3m</string>
    <string>"Motorola CE, Copyright 2005"+RAZRV3m</string>
    <string>"Motorola CE, Copyright 2004"+ RAZRV3m </string>
    <string>"Motorola CE, Copyright 2000"+ RAZRV3m </string>
  9. Yeah Miguelito!!!
    My computer hero of the day!
    When I couldn’t get my new RAZR Vm to sync with my Mac I googled and found your page. I’m pretty good w/ Unix and vi etc, although I’d never heard of things like “ktrace”. I follow your directions and those I found in your script. (I didn’t run the script – wanted to see what it did and do it “by hand”. It’s good script though, even cleans up after itself. Nice.) Anyway, I followed directions and… just iSync’d my new phone. THANKS. I’d never have figured that out by myself.


  10. Hello Miguelito,
    I just purchased a Sprint V3m MotoRazr and tried to get it to sync using the directions posted and it still didn’t sync. I also ran your Script and got this:

    “Motorola CE, Copyright 2004”
    “Motorola CE, Copyright 2004″
    Motorola CE, Copyright 2000+”GSM900″,”GSM1800″,”GSM1900″,”GSM850″,”MODEL=V3”
    Motorola V3m-Sprint Phone

    If that’s more then one line… the raw data is:
    +CGMI: “Motorola CE, Copyright 2004”
    +CGMM: “GSM900″,”GSM1800″,”GSM1900″,”GSM850″,”MODEL=V3”
    +GMI: “Motorola CE, Copyright 2004”
    +GMI: Motorola CE, Copyright 2000
    +GMM: “GSM900″,”GSM1800″,”GSM1900″,”GSM850″,”MODEL=V3”
    +GMM: Motorola V3m-Sprint Phone
    So, I have a few questions. Can I replace the “string” line in your posted MetaClasses.plist file with the long string above? I already tried that and KOed my iSync application. I got it back with “Pacifist” but that’s another story. What should I do now?

  11. Please disregard the last post. I got it to work this time. I just added the “updated” string to the Metaclasses.plist file at the end of the other strings, followed your directions and it worked like a charm.

    Thank you very much Miguelito!!!!!

  12. Hi Miguelito, I am trying to sync my new KRZR K1 with an iMac, any ideas on how it can be done?
    Regards, Kevin Hollday

  13. I tried altering the metaclass file for the SLVR but I couldn’t get it to work. Could you please help me figure this out.

  14. I have gotten the Sprint SLVR L7c to work with iSync. If anyone is interested, I can send you my MetaClasses.plist and you should have a working sync after that. Just email me.

  15. Can someone post a step by step for the SLRV L7c. I would really like to be able to sync my new phone and iMac… 🙂 Thanks!

  16. I’m in somewhat of the same situation as many of the others here, I ran the terminal and got the following output:

    "Motorola CE, Copyright 2004"
    "Motorola CE, Copyright 2004"
    Motorola CE, Copyright 2000+"GSM900","GSM1800","GSM1900","GSM850","MODEL=V3"
    Motorola CDMA L7c phone
    If that's more then one line... the raw data is:
    +CGMI: "Motorola CE, Copyright 2004"
    +CGMM: "GSM900","GSM1800","GSM1900","GSM850","MODEL=V3"
    +GMI: "Motorola CE, Copyright 2004"
    +GMI: Motorola CE, Copyright 2000
    +GMM: "GSM900","GSM1800","GSM1900","GSM850","MODEL=V3"
    +GMM: Motorola CDMA L7c phone

    Now, what do i do with it in the plist? I found the l7 part and have been trying to added in the code there, but damned if I know what I’m doing… Anyone want to help?


  17. Okay, so… I had the phone plugged in via usb to charge while I was on the laptop, and just for kicks I ran isync and it just for kicks I ran isync, and the phone came up twice, once as the motorola l7 and once as something else (like it had been as unsupported moto phone)… Well, the USB did the trick. Thank GOD I don’t have to type in all of those contacts.


  18. Paul,

    Can’t be sure, but I’d give this a try for the string bit:

    <string>Motorola CE, Copyright 2000+Motorola CDMA L7c phone</string>

  19. Well, back to square one. At some point this stopped working for me, not exactly sure why. I just installed 10.4.9 and verified that 10.4.9 does not seem to support my sprint razr either 🙁

    I verified on a fresh second machine just to make sure i hadn’t screwed something up with all my manual twiddling.

  20. Although the new 10.4.9 update brings iSync to version 2.4, and supposedly gives support for the “Motorola K1m,” iSync fails with my Sprint KRZR K1m. It shows an error message that the “phone is not supported by iSync.”

    Bummer. I had no hacks installed on the previous version.

  21. Okay … I am at the very VERY beginning. I just switched from a PC to an IMac. I just got a razr. You mentioned opening up a terminal … I don’t know how to do that even. I am clueless on my mac. Can you walk me throught this, as if I were a 4th grader?



  22. Okay, I know how to open terminal … but that’s it. My home directory? Not sure how to even access. I am new to this. Can you explain it like I am a 1st grader. I had to get a new razr phone, b/c my sanyo died. They gave it to me at the sprint store. I don’t even know what exact model it is, or how to figure it out.

    Can anyone help? I had my PDA stolen, and I just want to use my phone.

    I also am new to mac, so I am not sure what I am doing.

    I have gotten my computer and phone to recognize each other, but won’t sync.

  23. Jeffiepoo…

    Your home directory is your default directory, if you run the cd command alone, you’ll change back there (cd = Change Directory). It’s the one that’s your username in the Finder, also /Users/<username> is the same path.

    I’m a long time Unix geek so I’m used to talking like people know some basics.

  24. Is there any hope your script might be updated for 10.5 (which do not include ktrace/kdump)? I had used your script in the past with great success, but am not a great programmer and haven’t figured out how to adapt your script to dtrace / dtruss.

    Thanks in advance!

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