Nice doggie… cute little pooch. April 13, 2005 at 1:42 pm

Seems that ol’ Rachel’s been inside my head again. She has written basically exactly how I feel about cats, and why I like dogs better. The only difference I would note with my dog compared to her’s are that, due to being 1/2 lab, human contact means everything to my dog. While Rachel’s dogs might just ignore her, my dog goes friggin’ nuts when I get home.

BTW, for those that think I actually hate cats.. first, read Rachel’s post, then realize that I don’t hate them, I just don’t understand why people would want one as a pet. Rest assured that you can invite me to your house, and if you have cats, I won’t drop-kick your cat, or do anything else mean to it.

However, now we have this interesting issue in the news about allowing hunting of wild cats in Wisconsin. What gets me about this whole issue is the amount of people that are going nuts fighting against this. Perhaps if those people had gotten off their asses, and applied even a tiny percentage of the energy they’re expending now, to helping control the cat population before it got out of hand, then there would be no need to talk about hunting them. But now it’s too late, and something needs to be done, since the wild cats are having a negative effect on the environment.

This leads me to what I really hate about cats. Not all cats.. some people do keep their cats indoors. But too many cat owners allow their cats to run wild through the neighborhood. I read about public ordinances where dog owners have to pickup after their dogs (which I do, and think is the right thing to do when walking my dog.. I take baggies and pick up after her) but people seem to think that allowing their cats to enter other’s yards and crap is just fine… usually they love to add “well they bury it.”

Anyone that owns a dog who’s ever found a kittie cookie in the yard, and rolled in it.. knows that it being buried doesn’t mean shit. If your dog rolls in it, they’re gonna smell so bad as to make you gag. Thanks selfish cat owner. There have been plenty of times where a cat has gone in my yard and it’s been bad enough for me to smell as well.

Maybe we can get an ordinance passed here too, where if you cat comes onto my property… time for target practice. Nail ’em with some kind of tracking dot so I can follow them to their home and leave their shit on their owner’s porch. Or drag the owner over to clean up after their little ball of fur. We’ll see how they like it then.

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