Damn critters… July 3, 2005 at 9:42 pm

Had our first family get-together at my house today… 4th and my sister’s birthday together. Unfortunately, seems something must’ve died under my decking, the smell kicked in a little yesterday (we hoped it was the bird poop that was on the deck and hosed off but seems not). Got worse today. Tomorrow will be a fun adventure for me trying to find it under the decking (seems to be under the spa) and figuring out how to get it out without making it worse. Might end up having to call a removal specialist or something.

To cap off the evening.. I just saved an opossum from my dog… for the 2nd time! Stupid thing. She snagged it in the yard a bit ago.. suddenly it was too quiet, then I heard an odd yip/bark from the dog that let me know she was after something. It was clearly playing possum (or was dead) so I scooped it up with a plastic plate.. /hey I’m not touching the damn thing.. :)/ and I put it out to the front/side of the house. 30 minutes later.. she’s out there again, and too quiet, so I check.. she’s got the same one again. Gah. Door’s closed and locked now. Summer’s anxious and wants out, but she’s not going… ah.. and she’s finally settling down now as I type this.

I’ll have to update tomorrow with the gruesome dead animal details.. blech.

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