Critters 2… Rank Bugaloo July 5, 2005 at 12:20 pm

So after [Sunday’s fun], yesterday I had to get to work. I spent a good chunk of the day pulling and cutting boards to get under my deck. I finally located a dead skunk just under the upper deck section, dead center (side to side) of my spa. It was just out of my reach and I really didn’t want to handle the thing (plus I’d read on the San Diego Animal Control page that it’s unlawful to dispose of dead critters like that in the trash) so I called a [private animal control company] that disposes of them for you.

It wasn’t cheap, but was well worth it afterall. The guy was there within an hour (yep, on the 4th) and he removed the skunk… he also realized that it wasn’t responsible for the smell and stuck his head under the deck (something I _really_ didn’t want to do) and spotted a huge dead opossum that was dead center (both ways) under the spa. He went and got a pole he had to grab things from a distance and was able to get it out… it was freaking rank. Even he was almost overcome by the smell and he deals with that kind of stuff pretty often.

So in the end.. things look clear, the smell should dissapate pretty quickly, and things will be back to normal soon.

I really need to either redo the whole deck (lots of termite damage I noticed as pulling planks) or just remove the damn thing and have cement laid out there.

Thank God the nasty bits are over though…

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