“With all due respect, cliched Republican dissenter….” October 19, 2005 at 10:42 pm

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“… but the economy isn’t going to matter, the day after… tomorrow.”

Man, that was definitely the best episode of South Park since the “Die, Hippie, Die” episode. My sides still hurt I was laughing so hard. The scary thing is, there are plenty of people that won’t get a lot of the jokes about the over-reactions concerning global warming, something that isn’t even proven or at least proven to the point that changing our habits will help drop temperatures enough to make it worth while.

Update: I guess I should clarify what I said above before someone goes nuts and says I’m denying facts or something. I don’t mean to deny that there is a measured increase in the temperature, that much is fact. I’m saying that I don’t believe that there is any real proof that it is attributable to human activity, or even mostly attributable. I don’t deny that human activity could be (and probably is) adding to global warming (via CO2 output, pollution, etc) but I think that the effect we have is likely very minimal. There are too many other factors, like the recent increased output of heat from the sun and the fact that the earth has natural cycles of warming and cooling to try and blame it all on human activities. Especially since so many people that claim to want to stop global warming seem to think the way to do that is to basically hobble the economy of the US (and some other western countries), while giving countries like China and India a complete pass (read the Kyoto protocols sometime). There’s just too much we don’t know, and nowhere near enough indisputable proof supporting human-caused global warming to warrant massive changes in how we live.

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  1. Someone should have had that talk with Oprah before she brought on environmental “expert” Leonardo DiCaprio the other day.

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