My good deed for the day… October 29, 2005 at 7:28 pm

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While walking Summer this evening, I came across a wallet in the parking lot of the condos on Ruffin. Noone was around, though someone came by a minute later. I asked if they had an office, but nope.. nothing for a lost and found to turn it in to. So I’ve got the wallet.. unfortunately, there’s no phone numbers in here, and all searches on the net for the name turned up nothing.. bummer. Guess I’m going to see if I can turn it into the police tomorrow (or Monday, not sure if office is open on Sun). Oh yeah, for those that don’t already know me that well, I live just a bit behind the Eastern Division police office on Aero Dr, so I go by it at least twice every day.

Makes me realize.. it’s probably a good idea to include some kind of card or paper in your wallet with your phone number on it in case you lose it and someone wants to call.

So if you happen to read this and lost your wallet in the condos there (the white ones adjacent to the police station in fact) shoot me an email. Of course I wouldn’t give the wallet to anyone other then the guy on the driver’s license. Oh and I hope you didn’t have any cash in here before, because it was empty when I found it.

There is one odd thing I should note.. the wallet appears to be brand new, and the stuff in it is really recent.. wonder if it’s really a lost wallet or someone doing an experiment to see if it gets returned but wanted it to look authentic? eh.. long shot but you never know.

Update: I guess I should also note that the DL lists an address up in Carlsbad.. which is why I didn’t just drop it off right away. If it’d had an address around here, I’d have dropped it off already. Hmm… maybe I should mail it? Though probably not a good idea if the guy’s moved recently and just doesn’t have an updated DL.

Update (Mon): Stopped by the Police station on the way to work this morning and dropped it off. They do, in fact, take them and try to track down the people somewhat. The officer even noted that at least his DL was in there so it shouldn’t be too hard.. said that many come in with no ID at all. When I mentioned the original Social Security card was in there too, he just shook his head.

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