D’oh January 28, 2007 at 5:40 pm

[ Listening: B Minor from the album “Elm Street” by Lanterna ]

So I just had my 34th birthday. That didn’t really make me feel old. What did just make me feel kind of old is catching up on some Tivo’d Simpsons episodes and hearing Homer mention his age. I just realized that when the show first came out, I was 16 years old… and now I’m almost as old as Homer! Ahhhh!

His age has fluctuated a bit over the years, but on the ep I just watched, Homer claimed to be 38. I remember one of the commentaries on one of the DVDs had Groening and others that make the show making a similar observation (of course there were a bit older then 16 when the show started and they’re now all older then Homer).

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