The Irony February 5, 2007 at 9:32 pm

I hate how invasive advertising is getting. It’s one thing when a few product placements are done in a show or movie, in the background. But it’s becoming more and more “in your face” these days. Now we have things like idiots paid to stand by the side of the road with a big sign, because I guess billboards weren’t enough.

I have a Tivo, so I tend to skip commercials, so they’re finding other ways to get the products shoved down our throats, like the above examples. But this is just going WAY to damn far. What’s ironic is that it was advertising Pacific Law Centers, looking to represent people who have been accused of DUIs and such. Ironic in that it’s massively distracting and might itself, cause an accident or two.. especially someone who’s driving under the influence and more prone to distractions from big shiny things on the road. Notice that the signage is brightly lit and it periodically changes between 2 different displays.

Apologies for the crappy quality… whipped out my cell phone and used its camera while keeping my attention on driving at the time.

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