The Wildfires… October 28, 2007 at 9:39 pm

Might as well make a quick entry about the wildfires since everyone else has.  Wasn’t directly effected by the fires myself, other then 3 days working at home because work decided to have us stay home.  Part of it was due to the amount of people effected, part was due to the horrible air quality.  I have a lot of relatives and friends that were evacuated, at least a couple of which either just barely got to go home today, and perhaps one that hasn’t yet.  

I was able to snag the periodic mpg file from the HPWREN cameras, on Lyons Peak… well, from their archives.  I used iMovie to stitch them together and basically have a full time lapse movie from approximately noon Monday until noon Friday.  Over Tue-Wed night the fires burn right up to the structures, and the next night, you can see little flashes where the fires continually flare up a bit then die out.  Impressive really.

I haven’t put them online yet because I want to get permission from the people at UCSD first just in case.  I didn’t see anything saying the files were copyrighted at all, but figure better safe then sorry.  Will likely put on Youtube if I can, then link from here then.

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