Elections Suck! October 30, 2002 at 11:50 pm

No, I don’t mean that I don’t like having the power to vote, I just mean that the time before elections in the U.S. sucks ass. It starts a few months before election day, and seems to get exponentially worse as the day approaches…. of course, I’m talking about the ads! All the commercials on TV seem to fit into one of two categories:
1. Ads of the “Candidate A sucks/is stupid/should be in jail…etc.” Then in small type or a quiet whisper, “Paid for by the committee to get candidate B elected”
2. Ads of the “I’m here for you… I’ll work my ass off and do my best” type done by people who’s acting skills leave a lot to be desired.. .i.e. you can see through their phony crap from the moment they appear on TV.

One of the worst campaign mottos (for lack of a better word) right now has to be Gray Davis’ “Experience you trust. Values you share.” If Davis’ record is “experience you trust” then what the hell would it take for you to want to fire someone? This guy has done blatent taking of bribes (what else can you call passing things for people immediately after they donate to your political fund?) and blowing some major problems like the power issue. Anyone that votes for him based on his past experience is a bona-fide moron.

Now the values part… while I don’t agree with much of what he stands for, I can at least respect people for voting for him based on them. If you agree with him, then at least that’s a reason to vote for him. But experience… sheesh.

This election has to have the worst choices for governor I’ve ever seen. None is the best for the job, it’s a case of voting for the least horrid candidate. And what’s with all the propositions every year for more money for schools that they promise is really going to only go to the schools this time… even though every other one in every last election that’s passed seems to have either failed to do any good (dumping more money into education isn’t the answer) or didn’t really go to schools like they said. Anyone remember prop MM? That one immediately jumps to mind as there are still signs at local schools touting work due to that one… so why even more money so soon when MM is still in the works?

The school bonds and such always seem to be funded by taxing property (i.e. homeowners). IMNSHO.. if it’s tax that only property owners will pay.. then only property owners should be able to vote on it. Of course the same people that don’t own property and are always immediately for such bonds, are usually the same ones that bitch when their rent/lease is increased. Hello? Why do they think they suddenly have to pay more? It’s because their landlord now has higher taxes to pay (which they voted for) which they’re going to pass onto thei tenents whenever they can… duh! Think next time.

I also wish there was some sort of prerequisite for voting on propositions. There needs to be some way to determine that people actually understand what voting for or against actually means before they can vote on it.. too many people seem to have no clue what a proposition actually means, but will vote one way or the other based on what someone told them, or because that’s what someone on TV told them to do. I know that personally, if I dont understand a prop… I don’t vote on it! I’d rather not have a vote count toward or against a proposition that I don’t understand (thereby voting “neither”) then vote for/against something when I don’t even know what that vote means.

Lastly… exercise your right, and get out there on election day! If you don’t vote, then STFU! Don’t go out and vote? Then you have no right to complain!

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