Thomas Sowell… required reading. May 24, 2004 at 9:14 pm

I love to read Sowell’s articles each week, as he often writes such gems. A two parter he wrote quite awhile ago is, in my opinion, required reading for anyone that’s going to talk about taxes and fairness of them. Those are Who’s Rich? and Who’s Rich? Pt 2. The crux of these articles is to try to get one to know the difference between wealth, and income. So many people rail on the “wealthy” and/or “rich” for not paying their fair share, but don’t seem to equate these people’s incomes and tax.

Just recently however, good ol’ Tom just wrote another great two parter about the media in the US and how they’re showing the prison abuses in Iraq nearly every second of the day, yet barely mention things like the beheading of an American, and definitely seem to avoid any good news no matter what it takes. These articles The Hyena Press and Pt. 2 make a point that should really put our “atrocities” in the prisons in comparison to the evil that was done in Iraq in the past. This paragraph alone is just beautiful:
The military hasn’t even delayed a court martial. In the civilian world, Scott Peterson was arrested before all this happened in Iraq and his trial still has not yet begun, while the court martial of the Iraqi soldiers will begin this month.

Think about that. Our military was already investigating what had happened, and was moving to punish those responsible. Yet here is a case that’s been all over the news (at least in California… and I went to the same High School as Scott Peterson too) and it’s yet to actually go to trial yet. Last I saw they were still working on choosing the jury.

Looks like our military is making sure that justice is done quickly to me. Funny the media doesn’t seem to point that out very much, other then to use it as a springboard to talk about the so-called “atrocities” again.

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